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Juan Manuel Rey

Unix Geek. Sysadmin by heart turned cloud architect. Working for Microsoft.

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About me

I am Juan Manuel Rey, I live in Madrid with my incredible wife Gemma, our son Jaime and Buffy, our adorable lady poodle. My kid and myself are proud die hard Star Wars fans, as you can see in the picture.

What I do for a living…

I am an IT professional with more than sixteen years of experience in the industry as Unix, Virtualization and Cloud professional, and great experience in design and administer mission critical environments. Currently I am working as a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft, helping customers in their journey to the cloud with Microsoft Azure. Although I work for Microsoft I still consider myself a Unix Geek and a Unix BSD fanboy.

Previously I have worked for Red Hat and VMware, in their consulting organizations, amongst others.

I’ve been lucky enough to be awarded as VMware vExpert from 2011 to 2016. I’m interested in everything related to Unix, virtualization, cloud, distributed systems and DevOps.