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HP-UX.. Is there a future for us?

1 minute read

Is there a future for HP-UX sysadmins? Is our beloved OS going to die like others did? For example True64 just to name one.

Configuring APA

4 minute read

Long time since my last post, Christmas you know ;-) BTW Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

OpenBSD and VirtualBox

1 minute read

I’ve been using OpenBSD since the 3.0 version as desktop, in my home servers and even in production systems, some time ago I decided to virtualize my OpenBSD...

Hardening dilemma

less than 1 minute read

When you have to secure a system you probably have come to the dilemma ‘Which method is the best? Bastille or manual hardening?’ at least I did it.

HP-UX security resources

2 minute read

Recently a friend asked me about HP-UX security and where to find useful information. We have to admit it, there are not many resources out there about HP-UX...