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vg00 mirroring

5 minute read

This is a small cookbook about mirroring the vg00 I’ve compiled throughout the years, well it’s really more like a list with the commands but I believe it ca...

Console2, a Windows CMD replacement

less than 1 minute read

May be you already know it or may be not, but Console2 is one of those pieces of software that when you discover it you ask yourself “How was my life before ...

HP-UX.. Is there a future for us?

1 minute read

Is there a future for HP-UX sysadmins? Is our beloved OS going to die like others did? For example True64 just to name one.

Configuring APA

4 minute read

Long time since my last post, Christmas you know ;-) BTW Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.