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HP resources for VMware

11 minute read

The reason for this post is trying to be a single point of reference for HP related VMware resources.

HP Lefthand P4000 VSA verbose boot

less than 1 minute read

If you are a user of the P4000 VSA you’ll be use to the quiet boot sequence of the SAN/iQ software. Just a couple of messages until you get the login prompt.

HP Lefthand VSA minimum memory requirements

1 minute read

These week I’ve trying to stretch the virtualization resources of my homelab as much as possible. In my obsession to run as many VMs as possible I decided to...

Enabling vSphere Web Access

1 minute read

If you are in the virtualization business you’ll probably know that since the release of vSphere back in 2009 the web access the ESX servers has been disable...